Friday, October 19, 2012


12 Minutes to Find a 5 Rep Max Back Squat


15 – 12- 9 Reps of Power Clean and Jerks (max load)

NOTE: Rest as needed between sets; for load & total work time.


4 Minutes Tabata V-Ups (for reps)
4 Minutes Tabata Hollow-body Holds (for seconds)

NOTE:  Score for Tabata will be Total Reps (& seconds) for both movements together

14 thoughts on “Friday, October 19, 2012

  1. Good morning, 12 people who read this blog! Tomorrow after the 10 a.m. team workout, we’ll have an hour of open gym.

    Come if you’d like!

    p.s. Great pics of Marian!

  2. Backsqt: 135
    Gwen- 8:19@75
    must figure out efficient push jerks!

    My abs are already on fire.

    On different note…I am looking for a place to lease around Emory (townhouse, condo, carriage house, basement apartment). If you know of anybody looking to lease please pass information along. Thanks!

  3. Did 205# X 5
    2 weeks ago could only do 205# X 3

    then cranked out my FISRT MUSCLEUP before the WOD!

    Thanks to all the coaches who helped with muscleup skills Wednesday night.

  4. 110 X 5 back squat

    3:52 total work time on the 3 unbroken sets @ 55# (I had to restart after breaking on 65#)

    tabata: 96 V-ups; 87 secs hollow body

    Clean eating is agreeing with me. We just had some awesome paleo comfort food: sweet potato spinach cakes. I think Erica posted about them recently- yum!

  5. 5 rep max at 80#.

    Worked on cleans Saturday with my new friend Burke, who gave me some great cues and helped me improve my form. Yay!

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