Friday, November 2, 2012


10 Minutes to: Learn Back Squat OR Find a 1 Rep Max


10 Minutes to: Find a 1 Rep Max Floor Press


Run 10 x 100 Meters on the Minute
NOTE: Record fastest and slowest run time in seconds.

3 thoughts on “Friday, November 2, 2012

  1. BS: 115, PR of 7# 😀

    FP: 75

    Did some number of sprints at various lengths and speeds.

    Liz and Bronwyn are fast fast fast! I am not not not.

  2. i saw a ton of super fast super strong folks at the gym today…wonder why they don’t blog about how fast and strong they were??? so modest. so humble. BLOG darn you! 🙂

    My WOD: 2 Rounds…3 laps up a 22′ wall on toprope (Jessica H. belaying) for quality. Goal was 3 rounds but climbing ends up being so much socializing that i get lost in conversation. Will make up for it tomorrow in Alabama at the last Triple Crown bouldering comp. Can’t wait until some more of our CFRX killers choose to join me out on the rock!! (think 2013….just platining the seed)

    p.s. happy anniversary Kelly & Jessie!

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