Friday, July 13, 2012

Dear Kelly and Michael and the CROSSFITRX team,

We LOVE your T-shirts!  I definitely have a few Soldiers who are drinking the kool-aid.  I sent you a pic of two of my most fit Soldiers. They are all about some grueling WODs!  Your support is much appreciated. 

Thanks again!  You guys ROCK!

Commander, E Co 1-508 PIR
82nd Airborne Division
Fury From the Sky!


15 Minutes To:
Learn/practice Snatch
5x Snatch complex: Power Snatch+Squat Snatch (increasing weight)


30 Double Unders
15 Snatches (75#/55#)

17 thoughts on “Friday, July 13, 2012

  1. Leg burner. Didn’t realize until this morning that the AMRAP was squat snatches not power.

    6 rounds + 2 Du RX
    145# on Snatch complex

  2. Don’t forget, we will be watching the finals of the crossfit games LIVE, starting at 1:30 on Sunday at the gym. Everyone is welcome, bring your own snacks, drinks and chairs.

  3. Great photo!!

    Ruthie and I leave for Belgium and Germany today. See you in a couple of weeks! Cheer for Shana and CF Atlanta for us!

    Your pal,
    Terri xo

  4. Coach Michael said this WOD calls for squat snatches.

    Practiced snatch complex at 45# and 55#. AMRAP: one (yes, one) round + 30 + 10. I just could not power through the snatches quickly because I was trying for a full squat every time.

    1. …just confirming in case anyone else is wondering about the range-of-motion for this wod…this was Not supposed to be the same wod as the Open one from a year ago…or it would have said “power” before the word squat. p.s. everyone today did a Great Job getting down for the squats 😉

  5. Snatch complex 85lbs
    And didn’t get to do the AMRAP
    If I get to go to yoga tomorrow I am going to do it after yoga at 930…. This is a request to hold me accountable yoga partners;) Happy Friday

      1. Oh I would love to do it before, who. Oils let us in? My brother is out of town;( I don’t think any of the coaches get there Before 830;(

  6. Strength: FS + PJ: Worked up to 135.
    Metcon: 3 rounds
    25 jumping squats (35#)
    25 push press (45#)
    run 400m

    @Crossfit Ocean Isle

  7. Dropped in @ CF Grit in st simon’s… Great WOD + great folks. We did “7 rounds of heaven” which was a bunch of sprints, sit ups, deads, weighted lunges all performed in obnoxious humidity.

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