Friday, February 15, 2013

Another Awesome rowing clinic was had this week @ CFRX!


With a Partner: Complete 6 x 200 Meter Weighted Sprints, for time & load


Double Unders

10 thoughts on “Friday, February 15, 2013

  1. I would like to give a big FU to my ugly double unders. However-another PR for me. 9:09 RX
    Becky and I did 10:44 I think on the 200m weighted run 😉

    1. Nice time! My best is 10:16, and Annie was my favorite WOD before my doubles went to hell.

      Coming in Sunday no matter what. I’m close to bottoming out on laziness and stress and bad diet.

    2. I second your DU FU… my first set were hideous and looked more like trouble unders. {sigh} I’m sure Annie will come back around again and hopefully I’ll have double wonders…

      Terri, methinks you should come back tomorrow for the shower 🙂

        1. Ok Teri, Sunday it is… but you will miss my cocoa crusted almonds… jus’ sayin’… they’re cooling on the counter as we speak…

  2. finally got home thru traffic & got to WOD w my kiddo…connor @ 15:36 “annie” w singles and me @ 6:02 “annie” (+:20 over pr) after making up yesterday’s bb complex up to 135# (steel plates so didn’t attempt heavier) then walked dog at sunset…for quality 😉

    1. M. Saurus, are you showering with us tomorrow or will you be playing with rocks? The team WOD is going to be awesome…

  3. Weighted sprints hurt so good like sled pulls. 40# 11:something. Thought I might pass out. One day I will be excited when I can do double unders. Until then I will keep learning.

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