Friday, December 7, 2012

The 2012 GSU Iron Pour has arrived! It is this Saturday. FREE to attend and watch, $12-17.00 depending on size to make a  scratch block tile that they will pour for you in iron (kids LOVE this!) and $5.00 if you want to stay for the band, drinks, and potluck that starts around 8ish. Studio opens @ 200 and iron pours @ 400.
If anyone wants to do a real deal sledge hammer workout on Friday or before 2 on Saturday, contact Ruth at and she will set it up! We need to break about 5000lbs of old radiators and brake discs into dorito sized hunks. Awesome!!


Thrusters (95#/65#)
Pull Ups


Run 1 Mile with a Med Ball (20#/14#), for time.

12 thoughts on “Friday, December 7, 2012

  1. My comment on the GSU Iron Pour is stuck awaiting moderation because I included links. In case it stays there for a while, I say now to all you posters and lurkers, workers and shirkers, the iron pour is a SPECTACLE.

    It is spectacular. And free. So come check it out!

    p.s. I am a shirker. Fran with a one-mile med-ball run? Hell no.

      1. The pouring part may only go until about 8, FYI. And scratch blocks could sell out by 6 or 7. It all depends on how many people come.

  2. Fran 4:50RX and pr

    Run- ruby in jogging stroller from house to gym and back

    Way to go Stan for showing up and killing it;)

    Thanks coach David!

  3. Fran with a red band in 7:28. That’s a PR with less band. Long time since I did Fran though because I was either traveling, injured, or hiding the last few times it came up.

    1-mile run with a 6# medball in 13:47.

  4. Fran in 8:21 @75# and Rx PUs. That is a PR for me since the first time I did Fran over the summer I did not finish the last round. The parking lot knows why …

    1 mile run 14:11rx.

  5. Big PR for me today on Fran bu 30 seconds 4:33 RX.

    It felt great – not even Fran-like. I wasn’t expecting that. I also wasn’t expecting the 1 mile wall ball run to feel harder than Fran! Did it in 13:20 and hated it.

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