Friday, August 31, 2012


10 Minutes to find a 1 RM Back Squat


“Squat Medley”
Back Squat
10 Reps at 30%
10 Reps at 40%
10 Reps at 50%
10 Reps at 60%
Max Reps at 60%

NOTE: These are NOT box squats & this is NOT for time. Rest as needed between sets. Gold standard is 30+ reps on the last set.

14 thoughts on “Friday, August 31, 2012

    205# 1RM back squat PR this morning!
    10@60, 10@80, 10@105, 10@125, 21@125

    And I love Dragon*Con and will be there all weekend! Come geek out with me! I’ll be watching the parade (10am Saturday) – near the corner of Peachtree St & John Portman Blvd!

  2. Met my PR at 165#. I should have checked my PR before I started and could have tried to beat it.
    max reps – 40 @ 115#

  3. As usual I’m squat-challenged. I think my 105# was low enough to count, but it’s hard for me to get low and stay upright. Did 20 reps at 60. Liz’s 1RM was 115# and she got 30 reps at %.

  4. 225 1RM B.Sq
    Tried for 235 and got stuck in the squat :/

    Max effort reps @ 135= 36
    I was sweating like it was my job but I had do much fun! Plus the cheers were awesome-need those 8:30 peeps every time I lift!!!!!!!

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