Friday, August 24, 2012


“Fuel For Fire”

Teams of 3:

Row 1500m (relay, switching every 250m)
1200m Run (relay, each runs 400m)
90 Box Jumps (20-24-30″) step ups allowed (everyone must do 30 jumps – not in a row, but needs to get 30 done. Each athlete must use a different height)
60 Burpees (get it done anyhow)
90 Box Jumps
1200m Run
1500m Row

18 thoughts on “Friday, August 24, 2012

  1. Just found out I’m working out with my girl Cassi for the Gauntlet tomorrow!! I Guess the only question is who’s coming in 2nd place 🙂 No pressure Cass LOL!!

    1. Thanks gang!
      I can’t believe it’s been a year and that I have not only stuck with an athletic endeavor (the first since high school in 1978 – ya, do the math), but have gained strength AND friendships.
      Like, for instance, Eric and Elizabeth during this morn’s WOD: 32:40. Thankfully E and E are FAST!
      And strong,
      and good looking.

  2. I love my teammates!! Today was fun! 31:12

    We are doing a triathlon. Know of a good one? Preferably one in the woods?

    1. I don’t, but I’d be interested to know what you come up with. I love me some swimming and biking (the running a little less, but what can ya do?)

    2. I’ve done the Callaway Gardens Sprint Tri a couple times and it’s a GREAT race since it’s even shorter than a real sprint tri. But it’s in July. There’s one at Lake Lanier coming up on September 30th… it’s not in the woods – but definitely a good one!

  3. Fun workout! Brian and Annalee were AWESOME teammates! And yay for Annalee being back and even doing the run! I think our time was 32:12. Now to rest up for tomorrow…

  4. Had a blast at 6 am. Bryan & I did a kickass job if I do say so myself! Our 2/3 Wod took 23:56. He used 30″ box and I used 18″. I’m trying to stay off FB but I might have to post some pics.

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