Drumroll Please…CEC Winners!

Congratulations to all who participated in the Clean Eating Challenge!  It was a roller coaster ride of grit, determination and will!  Below are our winners and a few CEC All-Stars:

Overall Male Winner: Brendan Ferretti
Overall  Female Winner: Devin Ellis
CEC All-Stars:
Ezra Barzilay — Lost 13 lbs(!!!); stayed on track while in Haiti on business; overall CEC champion on Facebook and to the Lean Team!
Ruth Stanford — Completed all bonus point opportunities; Lost 10 lbs; experienced big improvements in FGB & pull-up test; most engaged Challenger!

Click here to view the Men’s Standings
Click here to view the Women’s Standings

11 thoughts on “Drumroll Please…CEC Winners!

    1. Yay! Everyone did so awesome! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without all of the love, support and encouragement. Watching all of you ladies kept me going! I’m proud to represent all of the ladies! 🙂 Woohooo!

  1. Congrats and great job for those 6 weeks! I attribute most of my success to my better half, for without him I would have cheated every day and not felt the least bit guilty about it. The rest to Liz, for convincing me to do it in the first place and teaching me how to not get so hungry I wanted to nibble off a finger…

    1. Oh please don’t eat your fingers… what would happen to your hook grip?

      Thanks for doing the challenge–you did so well!

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