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Happy Sunday Everyone and Welcome to Week 44 of 2021!! 

  • Happy Halloween!!
  • 13 Days until Century Party at CFRX @ 6:00pm
  • 25 Days until Thanksgiving
  • 29 Days until Hanukkah
  • 55 Days until Christmas
  • 62 Days until New Years
  • 106 Days until Valentine’s Day
  • 137 Days until St. Patrick’s Day
  • 152 Days until April Fool’s Day
  • 186 Days until Cinco de Mayo
  • 193 Days until Ruben’s 50th Birthday (Save the Date)

TOP 10 ATTENDANCE FOR OCTOBER 2021 – 233 Days until the First Day of Summer!!

  1. Erin Gerstenzang, 26
  2. Nicole Lee, 25
  3. Ruben Rodriguez, 24
  4. Ryan Gesser, 22
  5. James Kizar and Race Kangas, 20
  6. Amy McAllister, Ryan Hill, Brad Cooke, Nate Frank, Bee Phillips, Zach Pousman, Michael Shanlever, and AJ Ramer, 19
  7. Krista Glasscock, Anis Hadj-Taien, Grace Berber, James Roper, 18
  8. Sid Slover, 17
  9. Kelly Cominsky, Shane Smith, Daniel Rudiger, Travis Hill, Brian Sullivan, 16
  10. Ari Tomasettie, Saed Reyes, Josh Thompson, Lindsey Sizemore, 15


You can still sign into class after the fact, when Wodify goes down, using either Wodify Athlete or Wodify Legacy by entering in results. It will ask you to sign into class and you don’t necessarily have to enter a result. Here is a link with more details

7 Days: Ruben Rodriguez ⭐️

6 Days: Erin Gerstenzang, James Kizar, Susan Duncan, and Brad Cooke 

5 Days: Nicole Lee, Ari Tomassetti, Travis Hill, Kelly Cominskey, Sid Slover, Shane Smith, Nate Frank, Michael Shanlever, Ryan Gesser, Bee Phillips, Angela Fusaro, Sybil McCullar, Ryan Hill, and Brian Sullivan

Big congrats to those coming in and putting in work!!


From November 25th to December 24th Row or Ski 100k meters between American Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve and help raise money for one of four great charities. (The Pocock “A Most Beautiful Thing” Inclusion, Doctors Without Borders, Direct Relief, Everyone Eats)

You can come in before or stay after class and row, as long as you want and as long as a rower or ski is available. Make sure you log your meters in the Concept2 Online Logbook at:

We will have a sheet at the gym so you can log your meters to compare with everyone else. 

Here is a link with more detailed information


Week 5 (Slight Deload)
Day 1: Heavy Snatch Push Press + OVHS (1+1)
Day 2: Heavy 3 position Power Clean
Day 3: 5 Snatch Singles (60-75%) 5 Clean and Jerk Singles

Cycle Ends on November 8th, 2 week break, New Cycle Begins November 29th


  • 2 Grit Tests (Short and Sweet)
    • Max Effort Bike
    • CF 12.1
  • November 11th, Veterans Day, Hero WOD


A light version of Mayhem Body Building will be inputted on days with no strength session.


YouTube video links by Kelly Starrett, the Supple Leopard, into the Work of the Day section to help guide you through Mobility. View these at your leisure and try them either at home or after your workout to increase recovery and help get better and bigger gains.


  • Wednesday, November 3rd: Gabe Delena and Kris Bryant



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Michael and Ruben

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