CrossFit Gear

We have compiled a list of item you may consider, but not necessary, to help you improve and protect your CrossFit experience.

It’s nice to have your own equipment, especially during these times.

Gymnastic Grips – For hand protection when doing pull ups

Jump Ropes – Measured to your height and specs

Shoes – Are important depending on what the WOD calls for. Comfortable shoes for every day CrossFit work outs, Lifting shoes on days that involve Snatches, Deadlifts, Clean and Jerks, etc.

Rogue Fitness has a great layout of different shoes

Regular shoes and specific lifting shoes

Weightlifting Belts – to brace you back for back squats and deadlifts.

Rogue and Rx Smart Gear are 2 one stop shops that carry different brands


* Please google on your own to find other alternatives. We do not have any affiliation from any of the above vendors.