CRFX Games—The Gauntlet

Join us for the inaugural installment of the CFRX Games Series!  Grab a friend, spouse, buddy or BFF and register your dynamic duo for our first homegrown competition.  This partner event is designed just for you and what we call a crackin’ good time.  Click here to check out all the details… better yet, get registered and get ready to rumble.

7 thoughts on “CRFX Games—The Gauntlet

  1. Will the 4 WODs be posted before Saturday or are they top secret and unveiled the morning of? I assume they are relatively quick given that we are doing 4 from just 8:30 – 10:00….

  2. Michaelsaurus: My misreading of the following accounts for my mistaken idea that there’s to be a party tomorrow. Doh!

    “Plus, don’t miss the post-event bash… who knows what we’ll do but make sure you have your grown up libations in the cooler so you don’t miss out. Experience has told us a cold brewsky post competition is like nectar from the gods.”

  3. Hai guise! Fun times. Thanks for letting non-CFRX’ers come play too. Who needs AAL?! Ha!
    – Team MM-MM – CFATL

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