Clay Horste

A little fashionably late, but let’s introduce our Athlete of the Month for June, Clay Horste!

“Love having Clay in class! He’s made a pretty remarkable amount of progress in a pretty short amount of time. Diligent, hard working and great attitude. Also probably the most interesting guy in class. Knows a little bit about pretty much everything….changing clutches, racing cars, bitcoin mining and now Crossfit.” Coach Kelly Levens

“Clay is a very enthusiastic member, a joy to have in class! He comes in and pushes to get better every workout.
He is also a car enthusiast. He races a cayman that he works on. I’m excited to see him keep progressing as an athlete! A well deserved athlete of the month!”
– Coach Guy

1) How long have you being doing crossfit and when did you start at RX?
I started Crossfitting about 4 years ago. I have been at RX since last summer.
2) Why crossfit?
Cool story Bro: I started at my current company almost 8 years ago now. The company primarily
puts on events for high tech companies. They did something out of their norm not long before I got there and put on the Crossfit Games. So, everyone was talking about Crossfit. Me? I was naah, I’m a cyclist. But after a few years, I wanted something more. I liked the idea of plyometrics and kettle bells, so I gave Crossfit a look. I found a box near me in Portland that had the right mix of bad humor and training and I was hooked.
3) What are some of your hobbies outside of the gym?
I’ll work on anything. I love to cook and I also do some small time car racing. So lately, I have been remodelling my kitchen and I just put a new clutch into my race car.
4) Favorite and least favorite movements?
Thrusters and thrusters. They are my favorite because they just seem like the most Crossfit movement of all. I hate them because I am not very good at them.
5) Name one thing you’ve accomplished in crossfit, and one thing you are currently chasing.
My goal is to do the Open RX. So I recently got HSPUs going, but they need work. Next for me will be MUs. I’m still working on pistols as well. I’m trying to get out of chairs one legged during the day to practice them.
6) Favorite food or meal?
Even though I love cooking, I really dig a burger. Nothing fancy on it, just good ingredients and technique. Oh, and it has to be massive.
7) What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
I don’t have a whole lot of secrets. Oh, I know! Georgia is the 11th state I have lived in. Ask me sometime and I’ll give you the list.
8) Favorite piece of advice you’ve been given in crossfit?
Take some weight off, Bro! Honestly that rings true in my head from time to time. Just scale back for a while, get the technique solid and then push ahead.

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