Programming, New Members, Birthdays, Preview

Happy Belated Mothers Day, 

Sorry for the late email


New strength cycle starts May 17th. (8 week cycle)

* The Strength Cycle will be another variation of the Burgener Cycle. Saturdays will also feature lifting for for those that want to squeeze in some extra work


Murph Prep Mondays for May! We will work through different Murph type workouts until May 31st (Murph).


  • Delanna Protas
  • Shalon Webber-Heffernan
  • Yamira Qurindogo
  • Brianna Williams
  • Myles Willis (correction)
  • Aaron Alizadeh
  • Miro Moutaftchiev
  • Charlie Miller
  • James Kizar
  • Jeffry Balthazar

(please email me if I missed anyone)


  • Wednesday, May 12th: Gregory Steigerwalt and Ruben Rodriguez
  • Friday, May 14th: Lydia Kolb

Please email us if you have any questions or comments.

Michael and Ruben

Zoom End, Memorial Day Murph, Fitaid End, Birthdays, and Preview

Hello Everyone and Happy Sunday!!

Here are the following announcements:


We had a lot of PR’s on our deadlift, bench, and back squats last week. Congratulations to everyone!!


We’d like to welcome our new members who finished Fundamentals and returning members (since March 2021). We hope you all have come back to a great experience and looking forward to continue our fitness journey together! (since March 2021)

  • Lindsey Beard
  • Brad Cooke
  • James Roper
  • Samantha Abello
  • Anna Solomon
  • James Evans
  • Kelly Bockrath
  • Michelle Paquette
  • Gabriela Eisenhart
  • Mary Ann Register
  • Mules Willis
  • John and Lola Alberts
  • Autumn Poole
  • Aaron Hill
  • Raul Alvarado
  • Christopher Moss
  • Kerry Connolly
  • Noah Schechtman
  • Tyler Hendrick
  • Amy and Austin McAllister
  • Caleb Shoemake
  • Jason and Kate Carter
  • Naiel Laterza
  • Egan Cooney
  • Edward Sampognaro
  • Bertrand Bernard
  • Luke Howarth
  • Mellisa Hall
  • Alejandro Abarca
  • Kyle Hight


Coach Mark will be heading up to Knoxville, TN from May 28th to the 30th and will be competing with others at the University fo Tennessee. Some have already made their travel plans to go and support him. All are welcomed to go to show support. We will continue our classes with out a hitch.


It’s a CrossFit tradition to honor Lt Murph by doing the Hero Workout known as Murph on Memorial Day.

Murph is 1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, and 300 air squats, ending with a 1 mile run with a 20/14lb weight vest. We will have plenty of scaling options.

We are proud to announce we will be going back to normal 1 time slot with a big group for this work out as we did pre-pandemic. More details on this as we get closer to the date.

If you’d like to learn more about Lt. Murph, click this link.


We are ending our Zoom workouts and welcoming back Charlie Miller and James Kizer!! 


Until we can figure out a better system we are ending the sale of Fitaids after this last batch. In April, we had a shrinkage of 88 Fitaids and 53 waters 🙁


  • Wednesday, May 5th: Ari Bogotch
  • Friday, May 7th: Don Cruz (currently going through Fundamentals)
  • Saturday, May 8th: Expecting mommy, Kimberly Applebaum
  • Sunday, May 9th: Jonathan Preston


Please email us if you have any questions or comments.


Michael and Ruben

Charmed Ones with Alejandro

Our very own dancer/crossfitter Alejandro Abarca is performing in the show Charmed Ones at the 7 Stages Theatre on his birthday weekend April 29th – May 1st. Tickets can be purchased by clicking this link.

Tell your friends or “brake a leg” when you see him and lets show him some support!! Go to our website at in the Announcements section for more links and details

candlerpark #crossfit #mayhem #comegetsome#dancerscrossfit

Nutrition Challenge, Birthdays, Preview

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!!

We are hearing great things about the new programming. 

We are blessed to have new faces in the gym. Let’s be our usual CrossFit Rx selves and make the new and returning members feel welcomed.


Our very own Jessica King has earned her Nutrition Certification through NASM and is hosting this Nutrition Challenge.

Join the BTS Summer Fit Challenge!

It is a six-week Nutrition Challenge that provides you with:

  • SIX weeks of one on one nutrition coaching
  • An individualized nutrition plan worked out by hand personally(no templates or auto generated numbers)
  • A private Facebook page with videos, recipe help, meal prepping help, DAILY accountability as well as fitness based challenges to keep you moving.
  • Access to me, your coach, through our BTS app as well as weekly check ins.
  • Cash prizes and fun weekly giveaways

Early bird starts April 22 (a few practice days before it starts) and the challenge starts April 26.

Click on this link to register, select Jessica as the coach and CF RX as the Affiliate.

Participation is not mandatory


Saturday, April 24th: Albert Connell


Please email us if you have any questions or comments


Michael and Ruben

Quarter Finals CF OPEN, FitAids, Birthdays, Sneak Preview

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend enjoying the spring weather and sun!


Big congratulations to Amy Levens, Coach Mark, Jordyn Duggan, and Heather Ramer for qualifying and completing the Quarter Finals!! We’re so proud to have them qualify and represent CrossFit Rx.


In March, we had a shrinkage of 22 FitAids and 12 Waters. Please be sure to check out using the kiosk chrome book set to the side. If you have any trouble using the kiosk, there is now a clipboard for you to put your name and what item you were not able to ring up and I will charge your account with the card on file.


Happy Birthday to:

Monday, April 12th: Chip Stephens
Thursday, April 15, Tyler Gunnels


Feel free to email us if you have any questions or comments


Michael and Ruben