Brief Dec Announcements 2020

Happy Monday Everyone!!

We’ve been getting some great feedback from the survey and have made some notes. We appreciate everyone who has taken the time to respond. If you have not responded and want to, click on this link .


  • With cold weather among us. Please bundle up with layers. Our garage door must remain open during class to ensure proper circulation. We are working on turning the heaters on.
  • Please make sure to use the kiosk to ring up your purchases of water, Fit Aid, proteins, etc. In the past couple of months we’ve had some shrinkage. If you are having trouble checking out. Send us a text or email of what you were not able to check out. We want to continue to provide these items for your convenience.
  • Please continue to practice social distancing and as always masks are optional
  • If you do not feel well, please do not come to class.
  • In an effort to protect everyones health and safety you may experience classes ending 10-15 minutes early to reduce the amount of time we are confined to the gym space. Warm ups and workouts will not be rushed, finishers may be adjusted.
  • The upstairs is nearly complete. We will have ROMWOD set up soon. We will make another announcement about this soon.
  • Please subscribe to our website for announcements and the next days work out

Please feel free to email us with any questions or comments.


Michael and Ruben

December 2020 Programming Field Notes

Program: CrossFit aka NCMetcon

Our focus for the month of November was prepping for our Wendler-esque cycle (we call it esque because it’s based off a heavy double) that would carry into December as well as checking off the 3rd test of some of our favorite workouts across 2020, including everyone’s favorite, “Cali-Bear”!

The other half of our November focus was Conditioning, and we made sure to see workouts in the mid-20s timeframe 1-2 times per week. For our Metcons, we kept them simple and effective with a leaning towards the classic style that hooked us on this type of training while playing with new combinations of movements and formats to keep it fun! November brought a few new additions to our weekly rotations including Partner Workout options each weekend! You can continue to expect seeing these weekly.

Believe it or not, 2020 is coming to a close as we enter the final month of the year! December will be starting off by riding the momentum and focus of our Wendler-esque cycle by entering the month on the final training week before the de-load and re-test weeks. There is nothing like capping off the year with new PRs! We have seen a lot of fun had by the re-emergence of Partner Workouts and couldn’t be more excited to keep that trend going through the month and beyond as they continue to swap weekly between Saturday and Sunday. For our Benchmark workouts in December, we may be late to the party with “D.T.” that has moved it’s way in from November. Additionally we will see the NCFIT classics “California Love” and “12 Days of NCFIT”. We can’t wait to put the stamp on the end of this year with you all!

Program: At Home aka NCGO

We’ve pressed, we’ve hinged, and we’ve lunged. The past few months have been truly a test of our creativity and flexibility with our at-home programming, and we must say, it’s been a blast! Our hinge focus in November allowed us to explore both more and less dynamic movement, from all different variations of the Deadlift, to more complex movements like the DB Clean and DB Snatch. Between incorporating tempos and isolating to unilateral movement, we’ve worked on developing a strong and stable midline all month long! As we head into December, we dive deeper into Tempo work, with a mix of upper and lower body focus, and the opportunity to really focus on slowing it down to get stronger as we get ready to leave this year behind us and ring in a new one! 

To round out this whirlwind of a year in NCGO, we are slowing down the pace, and bringing the focus back to strength over speed. With designated tempo work in the strength, we’ll see a progression throughout the week of slower and faster movements in our upper and lower bodies. You might notice that there has been more focus on Upper and Lower body spread throughout the week, rather than mixing them all together all the time- this is intentional! This not only gives you the ability to adjust the weight as needed (if possible) each day, it also allows us to express the goal of each month’s focus while reducing redundancy. While we would venture to guess everyone is just about ready to roll right through December and ring in a new year, we’re slowing it down, getting present in our workouts, and making the most of our time at home!


Michael, Ruben and the NCFit Team

November 2020 Field Notes

October was originally planned to revolve around the Open, but plans changed, so we changed ours! We carried on with dedicated Skill sessions 1-2 times a week at least that put the brakes on and dialed in skill work for the following movements; Strict Hollow Pull-Ups, Squat Snatch Skills, Toes to Bar, Triple Unders, Muscle-Ups, Ring Dips, Handstand, and even found a new Max Height Box Jump! We tested and retested 20.2 on a quick turn around to see where and how many of you have improved with this dedicated skill work in just a short amount of time. We also stuck to our plan of seeing long conditioning workouts woven through the week, 25+ minutes in length, these help build capacity for the shorter workouts that we will eventually see when the time comes. As far as our testing was concerned, we saw a retest of our 3RM C&J and Snatch as well as Isabel and everyone’s favorite…”Death Row”! 

Going into November, we hit the rewind button from a couple months back and finish this year out in a STRONG (see what we did there) way…Wendler-esque cycle #2! Now that we all have gone through that entire first cycle, after many of you had been without strength training for quite some time, we feel like we’ve got our feet underneath us again in the terms of strength training. We will be testing, completing the cycle, de-loading and re-testing our 2RM in all three lifts again; Back Squat, Strict Press, Deadlift. Utilize those turkey gains as we push our strength to new levels and re-test in early December. In the Metcon department of the programming, we will be seeing the third installment of the workouts that we plotted to include 3x this year. Those workouts include a crowd favorite, D.T. , and NCFit’s very own, “Cali-Bear”! You can also expect to see the reemergence of partner workouts on the weekends alternating flipping back and forth on Saturdays and Sundays. There will be both a Solo and Partner version of these workouts as options to run.

Burpee Benefit War

Hope everyone had a great weekend! We are participating in the upcoming competition as a box.

It is called a “burpee benefit war” and we will be competing against several other local boxes. This competition will benefit vulnerable children in Kenya through a non-profit organization called Canopy Life Academy.  It will start Tuesday, November 3rd and go through December 2nd.

There will be 75 envelopes set up on a display at the gym numbered $1-$75. Whatever number envelope you choose from the board is the amount you are also choosing to give to Canopy Life Academy (there is a url code inside the envelope that will direct you to the webpage). The goal of this competition is for our box to remove each envelope from the board, meaning we have donated numbers 1-75. 

Where it gets competitive and fun is the burpee war part. Each box starts out at zero burpees. You add burpees to our competitors total and subtract from our box’s total of burpees by donating to Canopy Life Academy. 1 dollar = 1 burpee. We are safe from the “Burpee War” once all 75 envelopes are chosen. If we are not marked safe from the “Burpee War” by December 3rd, we will owe the burpees added from competitors. The first box to reach 100% will be named “Most Generous Box in Atlanta 2020. 

You can check out the website here to see the leader board, how many burpees we owe, and where we stand.