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Great Start to the 2021 CrossFit Open. Make sure to submit your scores by Monday, March 15th 5pm EDT.


Thank you all who came to the viewing party. It was a much needed social. Stay tuned for more information for either another viewing party or Friday Night Lights event.


Please make sure to remember to take your belongings. We are having a lot of protein shake bottles, clothing, wraps, etc left behind. It is starting to get a little cluttered, we want to make sure there is room for you to put your stuff during your work out.


We are still under our current protocol of maintaining social distance, no congregating before or after the work out, sign in before class and please be on-time to class.

For more detailed information please visit this link.

Wednesday the 17th: Daniel Rice
Saturday the 20th: AJ Ramer


Please feel free to email us if you have any questions or comments.


Michael and Ruben

CFRX CF Open 2021 Announcement Viewing Party

You, your family, and friends are cordially invited to the 2021 CrossFit Open Viewing Party. Our first Social Event during Covid.

This is a Masked Gathering and Socially Distanced event after the 6:30pm class.

We will provide individually wrapped BBQ, please RSVP with the number in your party and use this link to enter your choice of either PORK or CHICKEN sandwich. We will have various La Croix flavors and Light Beer, beyond that BYOB

If you attend, please help us have a successful and safe COVID event.

Here is the link to the EVITE: http://evite.me/HezHEdKKnS

Michael and Ruben

March Programming, New Coach, Birthdays, Open Viewing Party, Sneak Peek


February continued our Bi-Monthly focus of Skill Work as we head into the Open. We dedicated Skill sessions twice a week through the month to hone in on some of the often seen movements in the Open to build confidence in your abilities here. If there is one thing the Open teaches us each year, it’s that the AMRAP format is an opportunity to dig deep in ourselves and find the grit to keep moving. We programmed out AMRAPs this month along those same lines, short rep schemes with the only limiting factor being what’s happening between the ears! Among our Open prep were some of our favorites like “Cali-bear” along with some new NCFIT Benchmarks like “Cupid Shuffle” and the classic Hero Workout “Randy”! 

As we move into March, we move into a new Bi-Monthly focus on Strength! In February we tested some Heavy 1-Reps in both the Clean and Jerk and the Snatch that helped set the stage for the next 8 weeks. Our focus this month will be position work to dial in weightlifting technique in all 3 lifts; Snatch, Clean, Jerk. By the end of April we will be gearing up to re-test these Heavy 1-Reps. Starting in early March we will see this technique work stay in the more Light-Moderate range and increase in loading as the weeks pass. We will be including percentages for your more experienced athletes to have a range to work in based off of those previous 1-Rep tests. We will also include a “feel” to base the lifting off of for your more inexperienced athletes. This Oly focus is a great opportunity to reintroduce a Squat bias in our week to week strength training incorporating the Back, Front, and Overhead variations. Through the following two months, expect to see these appearing 1-2x a week with additional accessory and complimentary work.

Also in March…the Open is here! The online comp kicks off the second week of March and whether you’re participating in the Open or not, we’ve got you covered! The first Workout will be announced on March 11th and continuing for the following two weeks, breaking the mold of the traditional 5 week Open. We will be incorporating the Open workouts into the week and doing our best to work around the unknown and unknowable that is the programming in the Open. We are looking forward to seeing everyone’s hard work pay off and having a heck of a good time! The week following the final Open workouts features our “Leading Ladies”; Fran, Grace, and a Cindy/Mary option as well as a final mystery lady. These workouts balance well and following the Open, will carry the momentum and excitement of competition.


Moving into a new month with the same vigor and commitment to our goals as we had when we started a new year! In February, we got after our favorites that focused on the Squat. We moved fast and slow, and through different planes to challenge our balance, strength, and stamina. With a shorter month, we didn’t waste any time getting after it, and like Tom Brady, our hard work proved to work well in our favor! We might have started the month not looking forward to focusing on the Squat, or maybe we were really craving some Lower Body love! Either way, in the month of Love, we showed our bodies some serious appreciation for what they can do!

Looking ahead into March, we give the Lower Body a break to focus again on the Shoulder to Overhead movements. This doesn’t necessarily mean our legs are completely off the hook…don’t you worry about that! However, we will start to use the Legs as a mechanism to move weight overhead, and focus on building strength and stability in the overhead position. Athletes can expect some fun Workouts and Finishers, and plenty of stability work over this next month. We always see a thread of overall strength throughout the week, but moving into March the focus will be squarely on the Shoulder to Overhead movements. Get ready to develop boulders for shoulders!


Please welcome Etsehiwot Ezra (Pronunciation: Etsy-hewett, like Etsy the site and Hewlett Packard without the L) or EShe is a CrossFit Level 1 trainer with 3 years of coaching experience. CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer, a CrossFit Kids trainer, as well as a Level 1 Functional Movement Screen specialist.

Her schedule will be Tuesday and Thursday 3:30pm and 4:30pm and Friday’s 6am, 7am, and 8am

Monday the 1st: Chris Coleman
Friday the 5th: Travis Hill

Please wish them a ¡Feliz Cumpleaños! if you see them.


We’ve had a couple of requests of shifting or adding an earlier class during the week. We’d love to but our challenge is that in the past, when we have had earlier activity, the residential neighbors were in an uproar about the music and vibrations caused by the barbells being dropped. For the time being, we will continue to be a good neighbor by not disturbing them before 6am. 



Thursday, March 11th in the evening will be the 21.1 Work out announcement. We plan on having a viewing party which everyone is invited to. We will have refreshments along with some food (not sure what kind) and BYOB. We ask that you mask up during this event and keep your distance during the viewing.

We will send out a head count request so we can plan accordingly.

More details next week 🙂


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Please email us at info@crossfitrx.com with any questions or comments

Michael and Ruben

First Aid, Birthday, Sneak Peek


We care very much about your safety and want to make sure everyone leaves in one piece.

In the unfortunate event somethings happens, we do have limited First Aid supplies at your disposal

Disposable instant cold packs, Band-aids, and First Aid antiseptic spray for minor cuts, scares, and pain relief.


In the past, we have posted these athlete’s birthdays on Wodify the day of the workout and will continue to do so. But why wait to wish them a Happy Birthday?!?!

We have the following members celebrating birthdays this week! 

Monday: Coach Philip Davis
Tuesday: Patricia Balthazar
Wednesday: Krista Glasscock and Nirma Bustamente
Thursday: Isaac Dunkelberger
Sunday: Quentin Vasdeboncoeur


Please feel free to email us at info@crossfitrx.com if you have any questions or comments.


​​​​​​​Michael and Ruben

A Message from CrossFit Rx

What makes CrossFit Rx so special is our diverse members and the numerous personalities and backgrounds that comprise our members. We view our members as a family, and we constantly strive to make sure everyone feels physically and emotionally safe, whether in the building or outside and part of our community. While our CrossFit Rx family is diverse, we do understand there will be moments when opinions will differ, and we respect everyone’s right to express themselves, however our top priority will always circle back to the physical and mental safety touchstones. 

A recent situation brought this to light when a member felt uncomfortable with something that was stated online by a member of our coaching staff. We quickly stepped in to create a safe space conversation for all involved, and we can say that a course of action has been created and followed to ensure this situation does not occur again.

While this was a difficult situation, we are grateful our community is open to listening and change, and working to make the gym a safer space each day. If any member sees or hears something they feel uncomfortable with, we hope you will continue to come to the us so we can work as a team to find a solution. 

We thank all of you for your continued support of CrossFit Rx and our family.

Michael and Ruben co-owners