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The Annual CrossFit Open is among us (March 11th) and registration is now available. The OPEN is available to everyone of any skill level and age. NCFit will be programming the OPEN Workouts for Friday and Thursday’s Workouts will be geared toward prepping once it begins.

There is a $20 fee to register. This fee is basically for them to administer, track, rank your performances comparing it to anyone and everyone based locally, regionally and the world in your age group. * CrossFit Rx receives no proceeds from the registration fee

Use this link to register

More information about the open can be found using this link.


We are still under the current Covid Protocols of:

  • You must register for classes, you have up to 72 hours to register (Please cancel your reservation as soon as possible to allow others to register)
  • Classes are capped to 10 members per class
  • Maintain social distance at all times
  • Masks are optional
  • Spray and wipe any equipment you’ve come in contact with, except bumpers, with the towels and spray bottle provided
  • Cleaners come in every Sunday and Wednesday evening to clean bathrooms, floors, equipment, etc.
  • No kids allowed, no matter the age.
  • No Pet’s allowed

For more details about this and other information please visit this link.

We are hopeful the vaccine can be distributed quickly to ease these restriction as we are painfully waiting on the day we can increase class sizes. Meanwhile, please help us to do our part to keep everyone safe.


We really appreciate those of you who purchase these items through our kiosk (Chromebook). Last month we had 36 waters and 33 Fit Aids not rung up in our system. Please make sure to check out your purchase through the ChromeBook Kiosk, text (404) 456-0093 or email us and we will charge it to your account using the card on file


In addition to posting the Work Outs in Wodify we post them on our Website along with a picture of the day and the occasional announcements. If you do not use social media please use our blog to keep up to date with our work outs, pictures and announcements by signing up to receive a daily email using this link to subscribe

Meanwhile, be sure to Follow us on InstagramFacebook Page, and Facebook Community Group.


We are proud to announce starting today and every Sunday we will post on our Blog, FB Page, and Instagram a Preview of the week’s workout.


We are eager to add the following and will let you know via another announcement, such as this one.

  • Skills Class
  • Open Gym, still must register and limit to 10
  • More swag
  • Socially distanced social events

As always, please feel free to email us if you have any questions or concerns


Michael and Ruben

Happy New Year and January 2021 Field Notes


CrossFit aka NCMetcon

Happy New Year! 2020 is behind us and we couldn’t be more excited about what 2021 has to offer. To progress forward let’s first look back…it’s important to discuss what made our December and closing out of 2020 so great! We finished off our second Wendler-Esque strength cycle mid December that had the PR bells ringing! We also hit the third and final installments of some of our favorite workouts, Cali-Bear, DT, as well as a few themed workouts for the Holidays! We are riding high into 2021!

Now let’s talk about 2021. Overall we are looking at a month of high-quality, very classic GPP with our Baseline tests kicking us off! In 2020, we tested “Test Flight’ versions of our NCFIT Baseline workouts as a dry run on what would become the new updated 2021 versions. These are our very own phenomenal and more importantly, repeatable tests of fitness. January starts off by introducing these updated versions that we will ultimately see again later on in the year in July. 2020 hit the fitness space in the last couple of weeks by announcing a new change to the Open, that the now 3-week competition will be happening March 11th, as opposed to the original 5-week date. This doesn’t change anything for us, our goal of improving upon skills remains the same with an emphasis on the commonly seen movements. As we inch closer to this date, there will be workouts that resemble the style of programming often seen in the Open. Buckle Up 2020 was great but now it’s time to hit the ground running into 2021!

Zoom aka NCGo

Happy New Year, crew! With the whirlwind that 2020 was, we are so looking forward to a breath of fresh air, and a new program focus! We started diving deeper into structure with our at-home workouts in 2020, and rounded out the year with some slower tempos, and more deliberate upper and lower body splits throughout the week to get the most bang for our buck while fitnessing from home. This designated split allowed for us to adjust the weights as needed for each workout, and avoid redundancy in movement patterns throughout the week. That means … you guess it… more GAINZ!  

And rolling into January, we’ve curated some of our very favorite weeks of programming aligned with our Hinge & Strength focus! Ever done a workout multiple times because you enjoyed it that much? Well, think of that feeling when you are getting after it in January. We’ll see predominantly more power movements at the beginning of the month with the Deadlift and Sumo Deadlift, and will progressively move to more dynamic hinging movements (like the Hang Power Clean and Hang DB Snatch) the farther into January we get. We start off developing strength in the hinge, and as we get stronger, we add in more volume with the hinge. Strong and slow first, then strong and fast. We can’t run until we walk- no matter where we are on our fitness journey, there is always room for improvement, including in your DB training program! Let’s kick 2021 off on the right foot, and get those bodies STRONG!

Please feel free to contact us via email if you have any questions or comments


Michael and Ruben

Christmas, New Years, Reservations, and Swag Shop

Hello Everyone!!


Please be considerate and cancel your reservation at least 18 hours before. We’ve had some complaints that members cannot sign up for class because it’s full, only to see next morning the majority of the reserved people cancelled or no showed. 


Those of you that are traveling, there is an At Home travel workouts posted in the AT HOME Program. Please email us if you have trouble locating this PROGRAM.

12 DAYS OF NCFit (Very excited about this work out)

Please make sure to reserve a spot and cancel it as soon as you know you’re not going to attend so others can get in. Max 10 people per class. If you show up and you’re not in the 10, there will be an outdoor work out available but with minimal equipment. Weather Permitting*

Day 1 – 100m Run
Day 2 – Power Clean (185/125)|(135/95)
Day 3 – Burpees to a Plate
Day 4 – DB Push Press (50/35)|(35/20)
Day 5 – Toes to Bar
Day 6 – Hand Release Push-ups
Day 7 – Plate Ground to OH (45/35)|(35/25)
Day 8 – Wall Balls (20/14)|(14/10)
Day 9 – Deadlifts (185/125)|(135/95)
Day 10 – Walking Lunges
Day 11 – DB Thruster
Day 12 – Bar Muscle-Ups

*Workout flows just like the Holiday song…each day represents the number of reps. Start at Day 1 (1 rep), then do Day 2 (2 reps) + Day 1 (1 rep) , Day 3 (3reps) + Day 2 (2 reps) + Day 1 (1 rep)…and so on.

(Score is Time)


We want to make room for new designs. All shirts inside the office are now $10 each, 2 for $15, limited sizes available, first come first sold. If you buy any, please email us and we will charge it to your account using the card on file.

Meanwhile, we still have Fully Amped*, our online store, with many of our popular past styles.

Please feel free to email up at if you have any questions or comments.


Michael and Ruben

Tree Ornaments and Guidelines

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

We have added some special ornaments to our little tree and more are coming. But if you do not see yourself please send me a text at (404) 456-0093 so I can put you on my list to get an action shot of you.

In other news, please continue to follow our guidelines:

As always, please feel free to send us an email at if you have any questions or comments.


Michael and Ruben

Up to $200 Off

Hello everyone, just passing this along that a member pointed out.

Here is the link:

You click the link, enter CrossFit RX, then it will ask for your name and email. They will email you a coupon code for discounts up to $200 off your purchase with any of the participating venders.

Expires December 25, 2020

* CrossFit RX is not affiliated or get a commission

Have a wonderful day!!!