First Aid, Birthday, Sneak Peek


We care very much about your safety and want to make sure everyone leaves in one piece.

In the unfortunate event somethings happens, we do have limited First Aid supplies at your disposal

Disposable instant cold packs, Band-aids, and First Aid antiseptic spray for minor cuts, scares, and pain relief.


In the past, we have posted these athlete’s birthdays on Wodify the day of the workout and will continue to do so. But why wait to wish them a Happy Birthday?!?!

We have the following members celebrating birthdays this week! 

Monday: Coach Philip Davis
Tuesday: Patricia Balthazar
Wednesday: Krista Glasscock and Nirma Bustamente
Thursday: Isaac Dunkelberger
Sunday: Quentin Vasdeboncoeur


Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions or comments.


​​​​​​​Michael and Ruben

A Message from CrossFit Rx

What makes CrossFit Rx so special is our diverse members and the numerous personalities and backgrounds that comprise our members. We view our members as a family, and we constantly strive to make sure everyone feels physically and emotionally safe, whether in the building or outside and part of our community. While our CrossFit Rx family is diverse, we do understand there will be moments when opinions will differ, and we respect everyone’s right to express themselves, however our top priority will always circle back to the physical and mental safety touchstones. 

A recent situation brought this to light when a member felt uncomfortable with something that was stated online by a member of our coaching staff. We quickly stepped in to create a safe space conversation for all involved, and we can say that a course of action has been created and followed to ensure this situation does not occur again.

While this was a difficult situation, we are grateful our community is open to listening and change, and working to make the gym a safer space each day. If any member sees or hears something they feel uncomfortable with, we hope you will continue to come to the us so we can work as a team to find a solution. 

We thank all of you for your continued support of CrossFit Rx and our family.

Michael and Ruben co-owners

Valentines, Social Distance, Zoom, Sneak Peek

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!! Hope it’s been a great weekend!


In an effort to continue to make everyone feel and be safe, please make sure to social distance yourselves before the work out and especially after. We know it’s easy to think things are back to normal but please be courteous to your peers and coaches by taking the conversation outside and/or to keep your voices down so that the next class can hear the briefing.

We are continuing to only allow 10 members at a time. Please make sure to cancel your spot as soon as possible so others can sign up.


Please make sure to use the kiosk to ring up your purchase. We had a shrinkage of 36 Fitaids. If you have trouble using the kiosk please text me at (404) 456-0093 or email us and I will charge your account.


The open is less than a month away. The workouts will be programed for Friday with a Sunday make up.


We are still holding Zoom Work Outs Monday through Friday at 5pm for our members that do not feel comfortable returning. We’d like to increase this program so please spread the word to your friends and family looking for a Covid Safe way to work out.


As always, please feel free to email us if you have any questions or comments


Michael and Ruben

February 2021 Field Notes, Car Break In, 15’s, Cf Gear

January was a great start to the fresh New Year! We came out strong with our NCMETCON Baseline Benchmark Workouts to establish a clear picture of our fitness after the holidays and the rollercoaster of the year leading up to them. These will be retested in July and again at the end of 2021. Our goal for the beginning of this year was to begin implementing Skill work twice a week as we lead into the revamped Open schedule that is officially kicking off on March 11th! As far as our other Benchmark Workouts go, we saw some classics as well as newly created ones. In those classics, “The Chief ” reared it’s vicious head…and not for the last time this year! We also have begun highlighting some of our favorite workouts of the week as a new Benchmark named workout, this month’s was “Punch Out”! Expect to see new named NCMETCON Benchmarks each and every month ahead!

Going into month 2, February, we will continue with our theme of Skills and Drills as well as putting ourselves into some inescapable AMRAPs simulating the stimulus we will inevitably see in the Open. Our Bi-Monthly plan for Jan-Feb began with some foundational Skills such as the Strict Pull-Up and will continue to gear towards higher skill movements like Muscle-Ups and Handstand Work. These two movements, in particular, now come with different options in the Workout description to better serve our athletes and coaches with movements designed to reach the intended stimulus of that high skill, and we will continue to do so. Benchmarks for the month include everyone’s classic favorites…Fran and Grace! Along with these masterpiece benchmarks we also include build to a Heavy Single in the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. Since we’re on the topic of a barbell, we are pleased to announce and you will be pleased to know that “Cali-Bear” is coming out of hibernation in February….GET HYPED! Some of these Benchmarks don’t particularly line up with our Skill and AMRAP focus, but are necessary to get tested early to get an effective snapshot before we see them again later in the year…we can’t get enough Cali-Bear!

At Home Zoom

And just like that, January is behind us! Better make sure you don’t blink, because February is coming in hot! What a fun trip down memory lane with our first round of recycled programming focusing on breaking down that hinge. We were so excited to bring back some of our favorite weeks of programming to bring you some spicy workouts and some serious strength work. For any athletes that may have tried their hand at these workouts the first go around, this was a great opportunity to treat these as “retests.” For any athletes who got after these for the first time it was a great opportunity to set the standard, and potentially retest these again in a few months if they want. Whether it was a repeat for some of your athletes, or if it was the first time hitting these workouts, it was great to see everyone getting after it, and hopefully we made some strength gains in the process! 

In February, we’re still sticking with our favorites from the whirlwind year, this time shifting our focus from hinging to squatting. With a shorter month, we are going to get right into it, exploring different planes, and further developing the skill of the Squat. We’ll see lateral movement, like with Cossack Squats, as well as variations of loading to give our Squats a different feel. We’ve gotten pretty used to our Saturday Squats, but by the end of this month, we’re going to have a new appreciation for those days! We may be biased, but we’re pretty stoked on devoting a whole month to squatting- even if it is a shorter month! Get ready to make the most of it! 


Please make sure to not leave belongings in plain site, either secure them in the trunk or bring them in.


We have some more 10’s and 15’s now laid out. The 15’s are in the place of the 10’s and the 10’s are stacked alone to the right.


We have compiled a list of item you may consider, but not necessary, to help you improve and protect your CrossFit experience.

It’s nice to have your own equipment, especially during these times. rope because it’s measured to your height and specs.

Jump Ropes – Measured to your height and specs

Shoes – Are important depending on what the WOD calls for. Comfortable shoes for every day CrossFit work outs, Lifting shoes on days that involve Snatches, Deadlifts, Clean and Jerks, etc.

Rogue Fitness has a great layout of different shoes

Regular shoes and specific lifting shoes

  • Nike Metcon
  • Reebok Nano
  • No Bull
  • Go Ruck

Gymnastic Grips – For hand protection when doing pull ups

Weightlifting Belts – to brace you back for back squats and deadlifts.

Rogue and Rx Smart Gear are 2 one stop shops that carry different brands

* Please google on your own to find other alternatives. We do not have any affiliation from any of the above vendors.


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Please make sure to take home water bottles, clothing, and other belongings left in the cubbies.

  • One of the restrooms is out of order, a plumber will be there tomorrow to fix the issue. Please do not flush excessive paper down the toilet.
  • Water dispenser only has a certain amount of water in the reservoir. We are looking to upgrade. In the meantime, please do not fill up your large water containers so others may have some.

Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions or comments.


Michael and Ruben

Week 04 2021 Announcements

Happy Sunday!!


On Friday, January 22nd between 5:30pm and 6:30pm a member’s car was broken into. We have requested the landlord to check his cameras to see if there is any footage available.

This happened in the back, which is very unusual.

Meanwhile, please do not leave valuables in plain sight. Put them in your trunk or bring them in. 


We are still having Zoom led At Home / Traveling work outs from Monday through Friday at 5pm.

Yoga with Bee on Wednesday at 6pm

Links can be found in the AT HOME PROGRAM located in your Wodify App


Please continue to practice social distancing before and after class. If you have a mask, please wear them before and after class begins, during is optional.


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All announcements can be found on our website using this link.

If you have any question or comments, please feel free to email us at


Michael and Ruben