New Cleaning Protocol

Happy Monday Everyone!!!

Some of our equipment is starting to show some signs of wear due to the extensive cleaning, especially the bumpers.

In an effort to extend the life of all our equipment please follow the new procedures when cleaning equipment after use.

  • Please wash hands as soon as you come into the gym
  • Use hand sanitizer as often as desired
  • Bumpers are no longer to be sprayed and wiped. They may be returned after use. Coach will use the pump sprayer to lightly mist them for the next class.
  • Avoid direct spraying. Please spray your towel then wipe any equipment used: bars, rings, kettle and dumbbells, bikes, rowers, etc.
  • Vacuum and mop any chalk hand marks and sweat

A professional cleaner continues to come every Sunday and Wednesday evening to do bathrooms, floors, dust, etc.

Please emails at for any questions or concerns


Michael and Ruben


For the safety of our members and staff the following will be strictly enforced:

  • 9 Persons per class. You will not be able to attend class if you do not reserve a spot prior to class. For your convenience you may register/reserve a spot 72 hours prior.
  • No children or pets are allowed inside. They may wait outside. Please check and consider the weather before you decide to bring them.

We hope conditions will improve so we may accommodate more members. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this difficult time.

Michael and Ruben

August 2020 Announcements

Hello everyone and Happy Sunday!!


We are proud to announce attendance has been great and in an effort to ease the 4:30 class we’re adding the 3:30 time slot starting tomorrow. You all have 72 hours to reserve/sign in to a class. If you know you will not be able to attend please cancel your reservation/sign in to allow others who may be on the wait list to attend.

We are planning to reintroduce the Masters class soon. We’re almost there.


Classes are still capped at 9 persons plus the coach. Our goal is to keep the minimum amount of bodies inside our space. Rest assured our space is large enough and with high ceilings to easily keep 9 people safe from each other.


The kids room is still closed but we are allowing you to bring children to accompany you if they are old enough or you feel comfortable allowing them to wait outside on the deck. Of course, we will have a workout option for you to take equipment outside for you to stay next to them.

Please understand we are still trying to keep the minimum amount of bodies inside the space.


Everyone is doing a great job at cleaning up after themselves. Please continue and don’t hesitate to inform us or the coaches if you notice anyone not following protocol.

Cleaners continue to come every Sunday and Wednesday to do a thorough cleaning of the floors, bathrooms, and equipment.

As always, please email us at if you have questions, comments, or concerns.

Michael and Ruben

July 2020 Update

Happy Monday everyone!!


Welcome back Coach James!! Check in the Wodify app on when he’s coaching. Feel free to attend his class and give him a social distanced high-five!!


If you are not feeling well. Please not attend class. If you stopped attending and have tested positive. You must re-test and test negative before you may return or very least 2 weeks before returning.

Here is a link where you can register to go get tested regardless if you are showing symptoms Link


There has not been any more reports of any members testing positive. On the contrary, we’ve heard of members and staff testing themselves, even though they show no symptoms, and are NEGATIVE.


Please make sure to cancel your reservation if you are not able to attend. We want to make sure everyone has a chance to attend.

Please email us at if you have any questions, concerns or comments.

Michael and Ruben