Burpee Benefit War

Hope everyone had a great weekend! We are participating in the upcoming competition as a box.

It is called a “burpee benefit war” and we will be competing against several other local boxes. This competition will benefit vulnerable children in Kenya through a non-profit organization called Canopy Life Academy.  It will start Tuesday, November 3rd and go through December 2nd.

There will be 75 envelopes set up on a display at the gym numbered $1-$75. Whatever number envelope you choose from the board is the amount you are also choosing to give to Canopy Life Academy (there is a url code inside the envelope that will direct you to the webpage). The goal of this competition is for our box to remove each envelope from the board, meaning we have donated numbers 1-75. 

Where it gets competitive and fun is the burpee war part. Each box starts out at zero burpees. You add burpees to our competitors total and subtract from our box’s total of burpees by donating to Canopy Life Academy. 1 dollar = 1 burpee. We are safe from the “Burpee War” once all 75 envelopes are chosen. If we are not marked safe from the “Burpee War” by December 3rd, we will owe the burpees added from competitors. The first box to reach 100% will be named “Most Generous Box in Atlanta 2020. 

You can check out the website here to see the leader board, how many burpees we owe, and where we stand. 

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