April 2021 Athlete of the Month

Juana Farfan

How long have you been doing CrossFit? Couple of Years

How long at CrossFit Rx? One year

What is the best advice that you have received in CrossFit? Form before weight

Any advice of your own to offer up to someone new or thinking about joining? There are always modifications, don’t compare yourself to anyone – comparison is the thief of joy. If you show up, your progress won’t stop.

What is your favorite movement? Lifting: Jerk / Cardio: Burpees over bar

What is your favorite kind of music to workout to in the gym? I am very open to music. I like good beats, and actually coaches are great at matching the mood to the wod. Yet, I have to clarify techno is a No-No, that loopy thing does not move my needle.

Any favorite artist, songs or genres that you would like to hear more of? I would just avoid bad covers! 😉

Tell us something that we would be surprised to know about you! I don’t drive, I can write with both hands, I don’t enjoy gardening, I do understand English- sometimes it appears I don’t; I truly check out when I come to the gym, and enjoy the ride.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Family, work, outside of the gym hobbies, favorite food, move etc. Help us get to know a little about you outside the gym! This is my 25th year living in the U.S. I left home to study Modern dance, and I’m still dancing, teaching, creating, moving, playing. I believe all of this is vital to your wellbeing. Traveling is a must for me, especially if it involves adventure, risk taking, meeting new communities/cultures. And I am totally in love with my family, they are a true force. Especially after this last year that we all experienced.

Thank you for sharing Juana!!

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