An Update from CrossFit Rx Owners

CrossFit Rx Family –

Right now is an unprecedented time, and we are in solidarity with you about the difficulty the Coronavirus is having on everyone’s daily life – from work to gym, family to friends and beyond. Now more than ever, the sense of community is important and we wanted to send a note directly from owners to you to address some concerns and questions we have been receiving.

At this time, we are not allowing equipment to be loaned out to guests. We have made this difficult decision for a number of reasons including the safety of our members and also fairness for members. No one wants to risk someone becoming sick because of equipment use or spreading the virus at all to your home. It is fact the virus is able to live on surfaces for long periods of time, and we cannot guarantee even with disinfecting the equipment in advance that we are not unknowingly spreading some part of it with the equipment. It’s a risk we simply do not want to take.

Also, we have a limited amount of equipment, and we fear that we may not have enough to distribute evenly throughout the team. Every day, we are discussing and reassessing this decision and we will make the appropriate change if and when the moment comes.

We also wanted to provide clarity about where your monthly payment is going. For a lot of you, money is definitely a concern during these turbulent times, and we want to assure you that your monthly payment is contributing to a lot.

First, we are paying our coaches the same amount they were making before the virus hit. They have families and bills and other expenses just like us, and it was extremely important for the owners to make sure our family was taken care of at this time. No matter what happens, CrossFit Rx has their backs.

Second, the funds are working to maintain our gym can stay open. We are applying for government small business loans as much as we can, but with the unknown situation of the payouts, we need to ensure the gym is ready to open back up when this is over. Paying each month is helping to ensure our doors will open again.

Third, we are working to create value for our members through the daily workouts and the community feel of checking in and ensuring your physical and mental health. Our coaches and our team are here for you at all times if you need to expand on your workouts – do you need some cardio tips, or do you need ways to modify? Please do not hesitate to let us know where we can help you stay healthy and safe.

Finally, owners are not taking salaries at this time, and every penny from membership is going directly to CrossFit Rx.

If you are having financial difficulties or concerns about making your monthly payment, please know we are here for you and we can absolutely work with you on what is best for you.

The Rx family cannot thank you enough for your continued support during this time. We are a small business, and we like to think we are a big part of your lives as much as you are a part of ours. We cannot wait for the moment this pandemic will be over and we can move forward as a CrossFit community.

Thank you,

Michael and Ruben

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