About CFRX

We believe everyone has the power to become better every day. And in this busy world, every second counts! How you choose to spend your time, where you spend it, and who you spend it with are the most powerful determinants of health and happiness. We started this gym to share our passion for fitness and create a strong, supportive community focused on healthy change. We hope you’ll join us on this journey!

The best way to learn more is to come in for a free intro and meet us…but here’re a few details to get you started:

Our approach to strength and conditioning is designed for scalability and may apply equally to all people, regardless of age, experience, or fitness level. We believe in training for all things that life might bring…for the unknown and unknowable “real world”. This means that our workouts involve exercises similar to movements found in everyday life-for example, running, jumping, pulling, pushing, lifting & moving objects-so that you can become stronger and more efficient in any activity you choose outside of the gym. Most workouts are completed in a group setting, with an average class size of 10. This “immersion” approach encourages a sense of community while providing you with the attention from the trainer necessary for both safety and athletic success. We vary the load and intensity of each workout, starting you at the level appropriate to your fitness and experience. Our workouts will challenge you both mentally and physically, but everyone willing to put in the hard work will find our atmosphere one of amazing support and camaraderie from those you are working with.

Our 5000+ sq foot Candler Park facility is one of the largest dedicated-CrossFit gyms in Atlanta. Located next to Candler Park and only a short walk from MARTA, we are centrally-located & easy to reach from most in-town neighborhoods. Our training floor hosts 30’ ceilings with a 15’ “Big Ass Fan”, a 50’ custom steel gymnastic rig, 18 individual oak lifting platforms, 10 C2 rowers, 2 assault-bikes, 2 glute-ham developers, 2 full-sized Olympic weightlifting decks, 1 reverse-hyper machine, and enough barbells, weights, ropes, rings, and kettlebells for 20+ athletes to workout simultaneously. Upstairs, we have a fully-padded gymnastics area with a 16’ bouldering cave. On the main floor, we have 2 bathrooms with showers, lockers, and a gated “kid-zone” room with toys and a tv for keeping your children safe while you work out. Finally, we use the state-of-the-art WODIFY system to let you sign into class on the go and track your performance & workout history from our gym kiosk or a mobile device.

Our community’s strength is derived from its diversity, inclusiveness, and positive focus. We have parents, teens, grandparents, students, scientists, executives, professional and amateur athletes, firefighters, police, soldiers, weekend-warriors, martial artists, cancer-survivors, etc. We all wanted to improve our lives and our ability to do the sports or activities we love. We chose CrossFit because it was the most effective, efficient, and powerful method any of us had ever experienced to develop general physical and mental preparedness. CrossFit has made each of us better and we want you to be a part of that! Everything we do in CrossFit is challenging in some way…from learning to squat, run, or climb a rope to just showing up from practice when “burpees” are on the menu. But what makes it fun is that you share these challenges with everyone and in the end, you’re only racing yourself…so it’s a Win-Win situation!

Our coaches are all experienced athletes, certified professionals, and are as diverse as our membership. Their sporting backgrounds include: competitive swimming, running, soccer, fencing, gymnastics, football, martial arts, ballet and climbing, and etc other sports. More importantly, our trainers have the CrossFit experience that counts; they have competed in the CrossFit Games, Regionals, The Grid/National Pro fitness League, local/regional CrossFit competitions, some have even gone on to create or manage affiliates of their own, and all are highly sought-after trainers in the fitness industry. They all hold current CrossFit and CPR certifications, in addition to multiple other fitness certifications.

Put simply, if you’re looking for a gym home, then CrossFit RX is it. We’ll teach you to move better, take control of your body and environment, and help you achieve your potential…which is typically much more than you ever thought was possible.